Let’s Shop Local

Now, it’s our time to support each other.
Lee County has done its part to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but it has come at a high cost.

Our Local Businesses Need Help

Let’s encourage each other to do our part to heal our local economy.
By working together we can save the things we have grown to love about Auburn, Opelika and Lee County.

Unite for a Cause

Do something small, to make a big impact.
Commiting to support local businesses will help our special community thrive again.

Shop what you love. Shop where you live.

Lets Make A Difference - Together!

Lee County is a lively and vibrant community, filled with so many unique offerings and experiences. We all choose to live here, because we love it. And, now more than ever, our local economy needs your help as the COVID-19 health crisis has significantly impacted many businesses.

The world has been moving forward at an increasing pace. With the convenience of the online world taking over, an item we desire may only be a few clicks or taps away. However, sometimes we don’t consider whether our dollars spent are actually benefiting our local community.

In order to preserve everything we have grown to love about Auburn, Opelika and Lee County, we need residents to get on board and support our local community as much as possible. Avoid shopping online and go to a local store instead, make more excuses to organize an evening out with friends and family - any small commitment you make, will have a big impact on our very special community and help to heal our economy.

Lee County Bounce Back was conceived and created as a community service by Inner Spark Creative.

We also encourage you to visit these great organizations who have assisted this effort with guidance and promotion. They work hard every day to promote our local economy.