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How To: Get the Most out of Lee County Bounce Back

Our valued businesses, thank you so much for showing interest in the Lee County Bounce Back initiative! As you know, Lee County Bounce Back is designed to empower local businesses and unify them, for the common goal of encouraging residents to shop local. The campaign provides a platform for businesses to support each other and collectively try to boost the economy.

Interested in this campaign but unsure how to get the most out of it?
Read on to learn key steps to take as a business and the benefits this campaign can bring, if used properly.


Thank you all, for taking advantage of this free campaign and accompanying resources. Please help spread the word, as we need as many people on board as possible in order to make this really effective for our community. We all want our economy to begin to Bounce Back!

Benefits Resulting From This Initiative if Leveraged Properly by Businesses:

The more businesses that can get involved in Lee County Bounce Back, the better. There are a plethora of benefits associated with a campaign when executed correctly. As this is a community service endeavor and a collaborative initiative, many businesses need to participate in order to see results - in the form of customers shopping local and boosting our economy.

Key benefits are outlined below:

  • The more people that get on board quickly, the faster and louder our message can be heard. As a result, awareness will increase within the community, resulting in consumers becoming familiar with the campaign message and making “shop local” top of mind.
  • The more businesses on the Lee County Bounce Back website, displaying their offers, the sooner Inner Spark can start paid advertising for this campaign. Inner Spark has allocated a budget to spend on this campaign to help all local businesses and drive traffic to stores.
  • The purpose of the Lee County Bounce Back paid social media campaign (Facebook/Instagram) is to target local consumers, encouraging them to shop local and to visit the website to see offers from all their favorite local stores. This campaign is designed to drive traffic to local businesses, but will not be effective until we have a number of businesses utilizing the website. The more valuable the website is to a consumer as a central resource to see all offers, the more successful the campaign will be.

Let’s Get Lee County Bounce Back Viral!

This is a collaborative effort, to drive results for our community as a whole. The fundamentals of the campaign, along with numerous resources to help businesses have been created, but will be of no use if there is not sufficient participation from businesses. It is crucial for businesses to get involved in order to help the initiative to become viral. Once viral, the campaign will successfully encourage people to come and spend money!

How Do We Make Lee County Bounce Back Viral?

  1. Register a business account on
  2. List your ad - stating your sale or offer. If you need help, contact Inner Spark Creative!
  3. Download social resources via the website and push these out on Facebook/Instagram regularly to drive awareness among your audience. Use these to promote your particular sale too!
  4. Print flyers via the website also. There is a wide variety of designs! Put these in your store windows to attract customers and make them aware of the shop local campaign.
  5. Explore the other resources available to help educate your team. Now is the time to make the most of cost effective tactics in order to help promote your business and increase sales opportunities.
  6. Word-of-mouth is key! Spread the word to fellow businesses and to your customers!

Now, it is more important than ever to come together and support each other! Many businesses are in the same situation and need help right now. While there may be a long road ahead and more challenges we will face, let’s help each other by encouraging our community to shop local as frequently as they can. Every small action can end up making a big difference to heal our economy and to….Bounce Back!

Businesses Uniting Together.

Welcome small businesses. The Lee County Bounce Back initiative and website has been designed to encourage residents from the community to purchase locally whenever possible, in order to support and boost our local economy, following the peak of COVID-19.

The website serves two purposes. A resource to residents - displaying shop details along with unique offers and sales on a central dashboard, therefore making it easier for consumers to make purchase decisions. And, a resource to businesses - providing access to educational tools and campaign assets in order to help businesses promote shopping local.

Lee County Bounce Back is designed to empower local businesses and unify them, for the common goal of encouraging residents to shop local. The campaign provides a platform for businesses to support each other and collectively try to boost the economy. The more local businesses that get on board, the louder our message will be heard.

Explore the many resources and assets below, to help you promote the initiative and market your business.

Business Resources

You are invited to add your specials, promotions, or even an invitation to visit your business to this website. Learn how by visiting the instruction page.
We have created a number of free educational resources for businesses to help you through this tough time. Learn how to market your business in our "New Normal."
Download from our collection of social media graphics that you may use to promote Lee County Bounce Back on your favorite social media channels.
Here you will find a number of PDF assets that you can download and print for your own use.
We have created an abbreviated marketing and communication plan with some tactics that will allow you to promote your business with little or no investment.
This template will assist you in creating the best messaging for your business to use in a crisis.
This webinar was produced by Inner Spark Creative and shares some insights on messaging and consumer behavior during this time. You can watch the recorded version here.

Lee County Bounce Back was conceived and created as a community service by Inner Spark Creative.

We also encourage you to visit these great organizations who have assisted this effort with guidance and promotion. They work hard every day to promote our local economy.